• Q: What is Bizaboo?

    A: Bizaboo.com is the first dedicated online directory that allows all business types to register and get found by their name, location or business sector.

  • Q: What are the costs?

    A: Bizaboo offers a free business listing and a premium listing at £5 per listing
  • Q: What businesses are allowed?

    A; Bizaboo is designed for all business types.

  • Q: Can a business be denied or removed?

    A: If Bizaboo feel that a business listing is offensive, then Bizaboo has the right to delete such contact and any corresponding account.

  • Q: How do I register my business?

    A: You simply register your business from the menu in the top right corner.

  • Q: How do I register to add a review

    A: You simply register as a member from the menu in the top right corner.

  • Q: What is a member?

    A: Any user that has administers a business on Bizaboo or a reviewer, become members.

  • Q: How will my business be found?

    A: Bizaboo allows a business to be found by name, keyword or by location search.

  • Q: How does my business improve it’s position?

    A: Bizaboo provides a fair and transparent platform so a business is not controlled by ads or advanced seo knowledge, but a business is rewarded by good reviews.

  • Q: How does the reviews work?

    A: A member does not have the option to write a comment, preventing unfair and written damaging content, but offers a simple 5 point score board.

  • Q: Can I add more than one business to my account.

    A; Yes.

  • Q: Can I amend my business listing

    A: Yes, you can edit your listing through your control panel

  • Q: Does Bizaboo provide any guarantees on how, where and the performance of my business

    A: Bizaboo simply offers the platform to advertise on, so there are no guarantees.

  • Q: Does Bizaboo provide support

    A: To contact Bizaboo, please use the contact from, under contact us.