The fair way to get your business noticed & reviewed is the first dedicated online directory that allows all business types to register and get found by their name, location or business sector. Bizaboo also doesn’t restrict your business by the location you are based in. With the changing world that 2020 has brought, more businesses are working remotely and more SME’s will work from home.

The current options to get found are controlled by who pays the most or continuous need for seo works that impact your time and your business! Current portals have also the potential scale of your potential market by restricting your coverage, limiting your impression by your location.

Bizaboo works by allowing your customers to review your business by a simple score process and return, this will help to boost your position where competition is high, so for example, a small mobile hairdresser could be higher than a large national chain.

We hope you enjoy the new way to boost your business, it’s time to Bizaboo Me!


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